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TSU Students voice their opinion on residence life

TSU Students voice their opinion on residence life

By Jailen Leavell

Tennessee State University broke grown on two new Residence Halls Wednesday, Oct. 17. The new constructions cost an estimated $75.3 million. President Glenda Glover shared the news that this will be the first new residence hall in 23 years. In President Glovers opening speech Wednesday Morning, she said, “We break ground for student residence life, we break this ground for student success, and we break this ground because it is altogether fitting in proper for an upgrade for student residence” The building will be built between the Performing arts center and Epps Hall.

William Taylor, Student Government Association executive vice president, said, “It’s a very proud moment for our HBCU because not often do we have the adequate space to live or eat, study etc. However, this space combines all of these things and will hopefully strengthen the academic success of our illustrious University”.

The estimated year for this project completion is 2020. This building will serve as a resource for all university students.

Joshua Stovall Sophomore Maniacal Engineering major expressed that “the new Residence Hall should benefit Engineer majors, Science majors, Communications majors”. Stovall also said the construction project is a good thing because it brings our university up to date and we are keeping up with the feature.

“The building will sever as a place for all students to utilize and contain eateries meeting spaces. For the residences, they will have beautiful amenities like bathrooms, kitchens, gyms, salons, barbershops, multipurpose rooms, and lounges to allow for collaborative learning and team building. Our new residence halls will be the motto for other universities to follow and will be a beacon to draw students from all over the globe seeking education rooted in our motto Think, Work, Serve,” said Dr. Tracy Ford, President of Student Affairs.

Tennessee State University Students look forward to seeing the progress made on their campus.

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