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TSU Alumna Hosts ‘Chips n’ Chatter’ Book Club

TSU Alumna Hosts ‘Chips n’ Chatter’ Book Club

By Alexis Clark

Kimberly Vaughn, also known as, “Brownie,” is a motivational speaker dedicated to helping women to reach their aspirations. Vaughn is an author, podcast host, motivational speaker, voiceover artist, CEO of the ‘You Are Singled Out’ movement, and a TSU graduate.

‘You Are Singled Out’, is a movement that was launched in 2012 and is designed to help women to transition into a new, prosperous mindset by teaching women how to regain faith and overcome previous relationship dilemmas. Vaughn delivers powerful messages through her movement to woman across the country, helping individuals to progress from “chaos to confidence.”

“Brownie” has now brought her talents back to Tennessee State to give a voice to women on campus that may feel voiceless or fearful of expressing their emotions out in the open. Her target audience is primarily woman ranging in the ages of 18 to 30 years old. Vaughn’s goal is to help these women heal from their past relationships and move forward in their lives while making wiser decisions.

This year, Vaughn has collaborated with Reverend Michele Morton to launch an event on campus to empower students while tackling college. The ‘Chips n’ Chatter’ event has taken place every Tuesday at The Wesley Foundation and has been met with much success. Participating ladies mingle with one another and enjoy refreshments.

During Chips n’ Chatter, Vaughn and Rev. Morton also give each student Vaughn’s latest book, Confidence B4 Commitment, to invest in and coincide their relations with the novel. Topics range from finding your purpose in life, soul ties, mental health, closure and more. Each chapter is embedded with personal experiences and factual information.

Readers are given time to reflect and heal themselves with “Mirror Moments” and insightful questions with “Brownie Points” within each chapter.

“It’s all about forgiving themselves, forgiving others, getting rid of soul clutter and being rooted in their unduplicated identity,” stated Vaughn.

Vaughn elaborated about how she was motivated to step out on faith in God knowing that 43% of dating college women are experiencing violence and or abusive dating behaviors and she wants to do what she can to help black women heal and prosper.

Deyonna King, a student at TSU, has attended Chips n’ Chatter every Tuesday and spoke about how she finds the events to be comforting and how she enjoys the company saying, “Chips n’ Chatter is a super intimate setting and ladies can really open up and get their chance to feel relatable. It will reassure you that you’re not going through things alone. Brownie is an innovative woman who brings you raw, energetic information.”

Vaughn says she is planning on spreading her awareness and launching her events at other HBCUs to help others move from chaos to confidence.

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