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Local Nonprofit Started by Junior at TSU

Local Nonprofit Started by Junior at TSU

By Deejay Darkins

The Meter Staff Writer/Photo Editor

Serving on Tennessee State University’s Student Government Association is about more than just wearing a crown. Junior, Sierra Holmes, used her platform as the 2017-2018 Miss Sophomore to unite the community in the spirit of spreading positivity through serving the community around her. What started as just a campaign to become one of the universities Queens has now grown into something so much bigger. From a campaign, to a movement and campus organization, to now being an established non-profit, The Positivity Board has made its mark.

The Positivity Board is a Non-Profit Organization founded by Sierra Holmes at Tennessee State University. Originally her platform during her reign as Miss Sophomore, Sierra knew there was work that still needed to be done. The primary goals of The Positivity Board are to make a positive change within the community through education and service, and to make community service fun!

With two innovative service projects, mentoring programs in Metro Schools, newsletters and a variety of community service opportunities, The Positivity Board helps men & women exude a greater heart of compassion to create a growing love for service—by POPPING OUT in a positive way!

The Inspiration to actually continue this movement beyond my reign was the mindset of discouragement. It hit me kind of hard because I felt like I did not make that big of an impact on campus during my reign. There was this huge cloud of discouragement over my head for about two months; I had to snap out of it,” said Holmes, “When summer rolled around I worked my butt off while praying for the fruits of my labor! I always had the heart of impacting my community but I wanted to do it in a positive way. I used the summer to test run my service projects and they were a hit!”

Holmes said she knew it was time to evolve The Positivity Board into a non-profit when she got tired of saying “community service platform”,

“I knew that the work behind it was bigger than platform. Go big or go home,” Holmes said.

Holmes says the most difficult part about The Positivity Board is breaking her habit of doing everything on her own and stretching herself thin.

“I am having a very hard time realizing there are A LOT of people that want to make a difference like me! With that being said, the most rewarding part about The Positivity Board is the amount of people who share the passions of community service. It is amazing to see the amount of people that have the desire to make a positive difference on campus”.

In five years, Holmes says she sees The Positivity Board with multiple club sites on different campuses. The movement is nationwide at this time, spreading like wildfire into different HBCUs. The Positivity Board has also had its first International service project and has at least three new service projects under our belt.

For those interested in participating in The Positivity Board, the organization aims to host two service project events each month. Every Wednesday students Pick their Positivity from the quotes and compliments passed out. Any other events can be found on our tentative calendar on their website, and Instagram @thepositivityboard.

A Senior Mass Communications student with a concentration in Marketing, Editor-in-Chief Shayla Simmons is a native Marylander. Self-identifies her editorial writing to be her strongsuit with topics ranging from politics to social issues to pop culture commentary.

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