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Injured TSU Linebacker Returns Home

Injured TSU Linebacker Returns Home

By Shayla Simmons

Middle Linebacker, Christion Abercrombie, has returned to his hometown of Atlanta to begin rehab therapy for brain-injuries. On Oct. 17, he was transferred to the Shepherd Center from Vanderbilt Medical Center. It is expected that Abercrombie will enter the brain injury rehabilitation program at the hospital. There, he will undergo therapy under the watchful eye of medical and rehabilitation specialists. Before his transfer, Abercrombie’s condition was improved from critical condition to stable.

Abercrombie suffered a severe head injury on Sept. 29 during the game against Vanderbilt University where he collapsed on the sideline during the first half of the match up. Emergency responders available on site administered oxygen before rushing the injured player to Vanderbilt Medical Center for emergency surgery. Medical responders and the hospital’s close proximity are credited for saving the player’s life. There is no evidence of an impact during the Vanderbilt game causing the injury.

Abercrombie made several improvements while at Vanderbilt Medical Center, including responding to gospel music and making slight hand movements. After nearly two weeks on a ventilator, he also began to breathe on his own and open his eyes once the machine was removed.

The TSU family and Jefferson St. community rallied together in two separate prayer vigils for the Abercrombie family after the incident. Students and faculty members gathered together to show support for the family and encourage Abercrombie as he started the road to recovery.

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