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Local Poet Emphasizes Mental Health Awareness

Local Poet Emphasizes Mental Health Awareness

By Alexis Clark

Meter Staff Writer

When it comes to mental health why does the Black community suffer in silence? It is time to address the issues that are hidden below the surface and poetess Aneisha “Epifany” Wright plans on spreading more awareness on this issue and to educate the community through the Monologue.

Wright, a Mississippi native, currently resides in Nashville, TN and has made it her mission to bring a different form of poetic expression that is relatable to black women and their mental health. Dedicating her time to emphasize the importance of self-value, Wright sees it as an important component of caring for your own mental health. She uses her own journey and life experiences as subject matter.

Unfortunately, in many Black households, adolescents are not raised to believe that it is ok to seek help when needed because it shows signs of emotional distress. Being raised with such mindsets causes for individuals to lose sight of assistance and normalize these harmful emotions.

To combat this belief, in 2016 Wright established “Women United We Stand”, an organization that advocates for unity and empowerment for women of color. The organization’s platform underscores the idea that is it okay to get help and that no one is alone in life-changing situations.

On May 19, 2018, Wright will be having her second performance about coping with past life situations and how to move forward from mental health dilemmas. She plans on spreading more awareness throughout the Nashville area by passing out flyers, sharing information through social media, and referring those in need to counseling services.

Wright was nominated, “Best Female Erotic Poet,” after selling out her first production in Memphis, titled “Black Chick Monologue.”

“You can find comfort in sisters who are willing to become your support system in any way needed,” says Wright. As a spoken word artist, she speaks with power and passion from multiple dimensions for those who feel voiceless.

For more information regarding mental health awareness and upcoming productions, contact Aneisha Wright at (901) 614-5403.

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