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Latest Yearbook Will Not Mimic the Past

Latest Yearbook Will Not Mimic the Past

By Leona Dunn

The yearbook will be unveiled with a fresh face in the fall, as student volunteers strive to make it better than last years. The office of Student Activities was given the duty of making the yearbook after one graduating senior, Rochelle Brown, and a previous TSU Employee created last year’s.

“The yearbook was more like a picture book, no names, no descriptions. It was very simple,” Jordan Solcomb, sophomore music major said.

So this year the team is starting from scratch. They started the actual design process in the spring, trying to play catch up gathering photos from fall activities that are essential to the Tennessee State University experience, including homecoming and pictures of the Aristocrat of Bands.

“This year the yearbook team is really trying to incorporate the entire school, letting students create their own spreads and then having the editing team just make sure it is keeping up with the theme,” said yearbook staff member, Wimberly Robinson.

Looking through past yearbooks, the team has realized that last year’s yearbook, which was the first one created in the last four years, didn’t vary much from previous books. The staff always focused more on pictures than copy and captions. This year’s team is determined to make the yearbook one full of memories and thoughts and not just another flip file, but they are using new technology to get photos from individuals to put into the book easier.

“Replay it is an app powered through Jostens, and any photos that you upload goes directly to the yearbook staff so that they can help make the yearbook be great,” Mrs. Mon-Cheri Robinson the yearbook advisor said.

Mrs. Robinson and Ms. Angela Jefferson lead the small group of students making the 2017-2018 academic yearbook. With editor meetings on Wednesdays and staff meetings on Mondays, the yearbook staff is hoping this year’s yearbook with change the standard for many more to come.

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