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Who is Un-Opposed?

Who is Un-Opposed?

For the first time in three years all top four positions have competition, but still class delegations lack the numbers needed to fill their delegation for next academic school year. Even though the top four competition is exciting, the lack of secretaries and treasurers, vice presidents and even presidents for some of the classes is why associations fail.

“We need all hands on deck,when all of the responsibility falls on one person because no one is willing to run- no one is willing to help out- its sad really,” current president JerMilton Woods said.

When asked a lot of students respond that Student Election Commission week is just another popularity contest. One student says she will not vote because all the students do is feed you for a week, and after the week the fire is lost.

“All the candidates do is feed us , they feed us food and they feed us lies- after my sophomore year I just didn’t have faith anymore that anything was going to change, so now Im just trying to eat their food and graduate,” says  a source that doesn’t want her name revealed.

Others feel better about this upcoming election. Student Election Commission has reported that this is not only the first time (since current seniors have been here) that all top four positions have had competition, it is also the first time they have had more than two candidates go for the same title in multiple positions within the last five years. A student that has been here since 2014 and is still here due to switching majors is excited about this week.

“I feel like its important to have people lead the school because the one thing the school really needs is leadership and this is the first year since 2014 that I have had someone actually come up to me and say vote for me, opposed to their campaign teams doing it and the announcements on the intercom doing it, ” junior Hashim Sirleaf said, ” I am actually going to vote this year for one person, so far, but only one person.”

Maybe Sirleaf’s response is the reason some candidates do not run. People are scared that they will not get the votes. Out of over 30 positions there are 4o candidates running for only 21 positions, leaving half of the administration vacant to be filled through executive appointments.

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