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TSU’s Oldest Cheerleader Passes Away

TSU’s Oldest Cheerleader Passes Away

Tennessee State Universities Nashville Alumni Association had a moment last Tuesday, January 22cnd,  after a member announced that Burnece Walker Brunson was placed on hospice.

The source said Brunson would be spending her last days in her home with people she loved. This came up after a brief discussion about how the association would pay respect to members that pass away arose.

Not even a week later, Nashville’s press is buzzing about the “jewel” TSU President Glenda Glover says they have lost, according to a Tennessee Tribune Article.

Author, Teacher, Life-guard, and of course most known as cheerleader, Brunson’s spirit will be missed. Just last year her spirit went national as she starred as the featured ABC ‘Person of the Week’. You can watch that right here.

ABC Breaking News | Latest News Videos


In the video Brunson was 101-years-old. She passed away this week at the age of 102.

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