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Lawfully, you will be judged by your peers

Lawfully, you will be judged by your peers

By Leona Dunn

Student Court is back in session. With three new justices and six returning, the swearing in of the student court for the 2017-2018 academic school year took place on Oct. 19.

The court’s job is to go over student conduct cases and uphold/review the student government constitution. The office of student affairs allocated the court a new space last year equipped with a judicial bench, microphones, and room for a few other faculty to sit in on the hearings located in room 007 of Kean Hall.

“This room is for student court cases and our disciplinary cases as room 007 is designed to uphold the scales of justice,” Dean Stevenson, the advisor over the court said.

Stevenson has now officially implemented the student court as the fourth branch of the student government administration (SGA). Not only will the court be written into the constitution that is currently being revised, but the court will also be a part of all other aspects of student government life.

“I’m excited to work with you all, glad that you will be working as the first official judicial branch of student government, it’s an exciting moment and an exciting time so I’m excited to see how this is all going to work, all I ask is that you don’t impeach me,” SGA President JerMilton Woods joked, “but like always there’s much love, and you are officially welcomed in.”

A lot of the cases the student court handles come directly from the campus police department. The department practices both discretion and law, one law stating that you have the right to be judged by your peers. The department uses student referral practices often and appreciates the work student court does to make sure students are treated fairly for their actions. TSU Police Chief took time out of his busy schedule to welcome the court as well as offer words of wisdom.

“Congratulations,” Robinson said. “When you get these cases and these acts that will come before you, take advantage of this opportunity and deal with these things in a very serious matter. We always talk about and focus on active listening and making the right decision based on the information presented in front of you but also take these opportunities as life-long lessons that you will be able to take with you. After hearing some of the things that are happening and do occur, I hope you take those opportunities to be models of what you want the students to be, and look like.”

Members of the student court take the following pledge:

“I pledge that I will support the constitution of the student government association and that I will fairly interpret and enforce the policies of the student code of conduct of Tennessee State University. During my term I will faithfully and impartially discharge the responsibilities of the office to the best of my abilities I will serve with both integrity and high ethical conduct”.

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