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High Expectations for Home Games

High Expectations for Home Games

By Kody Carr

The Tennessee State University football team has only four home games this season. They play Eastern Illinois on Sept. 30 for the John Merritt Classic, Austin Peay on Oct. 14 for homecoming, Virginia University of Lynchburg on Nov. 4, and Southeast Missouri on Nov. 11.

As people, we know that we’re more comfortable in our own space, in our own comfortable environment we call home. So if we feel that way, just imagine how a whole football team feels when they have to play against a team that has the majority of the fans in the stadium supporting them.

Numbers don’t lie either. Last year, Tennessee State was above .500 at home. The Tigers went 3-1 at home, compared to their road games which had them right at .500, 3-3.

Being in your home stadium has tons of benefits. For example, when you play at home, especially in college, the stadium is usually a walk or a drive just down the street, compared to the away team who has to travel tons of miles to get to the game.

The home team also gets to stay in their dorm, they don’t have to pack bags for traveling, all their clothes are right there in the closet, compared to the away team that has to make hotel arrangements, pack clothes, always having that feeling of “did I forget something”. Yeah, we all know that feeling.

These reasons obviously don’t physically play with the team on the field, but they do play a huge factor in how well the players may or may not perform on game day.

A lot of times, players have a negative attitude and blurry outlook on a season like this because the number the number of home games they have aren’t in their favor. Players like senior linebacker Chris Collins, who says that “ winning on the road shows a lot about your football team” and redshirt junior defensive lineman Marvin Maddox commented, “ It’s going to be a tough season but we’re very prepared”, should give the Tigers high hopes for an amazing season this year.

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