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Spring Break

Spring Break

Alexis Clark

Meter staff writer

Spring break is officially over, but it appears as if everyone has had a great break! A few students stayed on TSU grounds to complete classes during extreme spring break while others went home to spend time with their families. Still, others enjoyed break with friends in various states across the country. I spoke with Di’Andre Carter, a sophomore here at TSU, to get some insight on her spring break experience and how she stayed safe during travel and vacation. “The experience was amazing. It was my first time traveling to Miami, Florida as well as my first time going on a trip with friends. We created so many memories that I will always cherish.” Carter also expressed that even though it was a large group of friends, everyone stayed together majority of the time as their focal safety precaution. With the technology we have today, such as the iPhone, it is possible to share your location wherever you are. This is an important tool that can be used to find out where people are located at any time if necessary. “We also made sure we did not receive food or drinks from strangers. While my friends and I made sure we enjoyed our spring break, we were also sure that we were fully aware of our surroundings at all times.” Hopefully other students are following their lead.

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