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Pullen Named Mr. Ivy

Pullen Named Mr. Ivy
By Christina Young
In honor of Black History Month, Tennessee State University honors one of our very own black kings. This year we recognize Dwight Pullen as Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated’s new Mr. Ivy. Pullen’s goals for the upcoming semester include seminars on man-hood, a college student’s every day battles and a poetry slam generated on faith and struggles.
Pullen wanted the title of Mr. Ivy in order to use it as a platform for people to receive and to respect. His primary focus is towards African-American men, especially the ones in college.
“I got into the role mainly to cater to men. I see a lack of respectable manhood in our community, and I want to help restore that.”
Pullen is also involved in Tennessee State University’s Collegiate 100 and is a fellowship leader for Lift Every Nation.  He says he uses those organizations as a stepping stone which assisted him in becoming a leader.
“I was tired of being the tall light-skin guy in Collegiate 100 that cuts hair.”
Being raised by Alpha women also influenced him to compete to become Mr. Ivy.
“My mom is an AKA. She raised me and taught me everything I know. ”
Mr. Pullen’s ultimate goal is for people to start coming to bible study on Wednesdays and to get involved in life groups. God and his relationship with Christ are the most important things in his life.  He hopes the title of Mr. Ivy will influence young men to be great, faithful and inspirational.

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