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50 for 50

50 for 50
By Victoria Gourdin
There is a distinct difference between a grade that is passing and grades that leave a student in good academic standing. Furthermore, anyone who is either active throughout the camps, invested in their grades, or both can easily understand how difficult getting to that good academic standing goal can be. Every day students are expected to balance their personal and social lives all while trying to keep up with the main reason for coming to a university: academics. With that being said, Tennessee State University’s SGA noticed a problem. At midterms this past semester, over 4,000 D’s, F’s and W’s were given to students throughout campus. For many, that number may not be relevant. However, the problem lies with the fact that the school is home to just over 9,000 students. In other words, about 40 percent of students were well below the “good academic standing” line. With these statistics, certain leaders within the SGA decided to take a stand and make a difference. They sat together and wondered how they could potentially decrease those numbers and statistics. Eventually they came up with a solution. The Student Government Association came up with the idea of 50 for 50. As a sort of incentive for people doing above average, fifty random TSU students will be receiving fifty dollars for making the Dean’s List. When asked about the 50 for 50, student Timia Porter mentioned that “it is a good way to get people to consider their grades more carefully.” She also said that she felt it was an overall good idea. The 50 for 50 is a way to encourage students to be better than average. Not only does it offer a slight incentive for a group of hard-working students but it also reinforces the importance of the intellect and what it really means to be in school. The 50 lucky students will find out who they are at the upcoming basketball game during halftime.

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