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What the Women’s Center is All About

What the Women’s Center is All About
by Knija Kendrick
You may know where the women center is located, but not really know what goes down behind that door. I spoke to Seanne Wilson, the woman in charge, and a few of the ladies who help out, about what the women center is really all about.
“At the beginning of the school year, we give out pearls to the freshmen girls and we offer condoms and tampons. This is a place where women can come and get help on their individual needs or if they just need people to talk to,” Freshmen Makayla McCree said. “For me, it’s a place I can call home being that I’m 9 hours and 30 minutes away from home, so being in a place where people care and can relate to the emotions you are going through is amazing to me.”
All the girls agreed that the women’s center is a place where they can voice their concerns about what goes on in their personal lives and school. Being a part of the women’s center makes them feel like people care about them.
“Nobody in here judges each other,” freshman Lyndia Walker said. “Students, faculty, and staff can also come in and get clothes that were donated by Alumni. It’s a safe place and home away from home where you can come in and relax and do your homework or even get help with any homework.”
It’s also a place where you can learn new things. “We learned about what Lupus was and you can also learn about new events. It’s basically like an information center,” freshman class representative, Jasha Keller said.
They also recently made a twitter and Instagram page to reach out to other women who may not know about the Women’s Center and get them involved in some of the events they host. “We realize that we did not have any social media pages and all we had was this room, but not many people know about it, so we realized to get the word out we need to cater to students. Most students are on twitter and Instagram for easier access,” Jasha Keller said. Even if it’s just stopping by for a little chat or grabbing some personal items, stop by the Women’s Center at any time!

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