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TSU Students Show ‘The Mixed Crowd’

TSU Students Show ‘The Mixed Crowd’
By Alexis Clark
“The Mixed Crowd” is a show with a series of 3 episodes that has been created by TSU students. Seniors Adam Turner, Cedric Beene, and Dehjonette Gilmore came up with the idea of the show and were eventually the directors, while the production was done by mass communication students from Ms. Forte’s senior seminar class. The show is about a young white male named Tanner Dean who finds that he has accidentally applied to an HBCU. Tanner goes on to attend Talbert State University, and the show is centered on his journey at a predominantly black school from a white perspective. To summarize, the show follows him as he tries to get accustomed to his new lifestyle. During the show, Tanner meets a few friends which later become his costars; Jaleah, Jada and Maya. One of the first challenges Tanner faces while adjusting to the new atmosphere is his roommate Kevin Oliver, also known as K.O. because he was being bullied by him.
“It was very fun doing the project. It was also stressful at times but we all gained a lot of experience and learned how to work on a set,” stated TSU student and production member Martavious Morton. The Mixed Crowd will be available to the public beginning next semester, as it will be airing on TsuTv98. To keep up with the status of the show everyone can follow their Facebook page “The Mixed Crowd.”

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