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An Interview With Ambassador Chacon

An Interview With Ambassador Chacon
By Shayla Simmons
For those that have dreams of experiencing new cultures, traveling across continents, and meeting new people of all walks of life, working with the state department may be a viable choice. To get the best information on such an amazing opportunity, the best method was to go straight to the source.
That source was none other than Ambassador Arnold Chacon, Director General of the Foreign Service and Director of Human Resources. With 30 years of diplomacy experience under his belt, Ambassador Chacon received this outstanding promotion two years ago after being appointed by President Barack Obama and later approved by congress. Now, his one of his responsibilities includes scouting and recruiting the top talents from universities across the country.
When asked what would make an exceptional public servant Ambassador Chacon answered, “A bright, well-rounded student who writes well and wants to live outside of the country. We look for those that “look like America” because we are the face of America overseas; therefore we want those that best represent the country. Those that are adventurous, passionate, and want to make a difference may also find a place at the State Department. There are a variety ways to play in foreign affairs.”
Ambassador Chacon also made it a point to highlight the internships offered at the State Department, which are offered year around and highly competitive. Internships are available both in Washington D.C. and U.S. embassies abroad. Interested students should be sure to visit to be informed of internship opportunities.
“[Working with the State Department] is possibly a way to get larger than oneself and reinvent his or herself with interesting work,” the Ambassador closed with.

A Senior Mass Communications student with a concentration in Marketing, Editor-in-Chief Shayla Simmons is a native Marylander. Self-identifies her editorial writing to be her strongsuit with topics ranging from politics to social issues to pop culture commentary.

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