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What Veterans Day Means to a Soldier

What Veterans Day Means to a Soldier

By Martavious Morton

The time to honor our veterans has come again! Being a part of the United States Army opened my eyes and let me know just how much we should appreciate our military veterans. Throughout my 3 years in the military, I have learned that being a veteran means you hold life’s values to a higher standard. Furthermore, army veterans have to set an example for us younger soldiers so that we will continue the amazing legacy of the Army. To be honest I haven’t considered myself a true veteran yet because I have not been deployed and have not served overseas. Of course, this does not necessarily meaning serving in a war, but just leaving and getting the full experience in general. Sometimes I wish I could have joined during an earlier time, but I’m glad to be serving and protecting America now. Still, one thing I do love is talking to veterans from every branch of the military and listening to their experiences. It’s astounding to hear what these people have gone through in order to keep our country safe from harm. They have worked all around the clock and now they trust us to do the same.
I celebrate Veterans Day by thanking those soldiers, airmen, marines and sailors that came before me. It’s an honor to pick up such a legacy and I will continue to celebrate Veterans Day even after my career in the Army is done. Happy Veterans Day!

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