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The T.E. Poag Players Guild Returns to TSU!

The T.E. Poag Players Guild Returns to TSU!
By Martavious Morton
Staff Writer
The infamous T.E. Poag Players Guild has returned to TSU! The T.E. Poag Players Guild was originally created as the Tennessee Players Guild in 1931 by Thomas E. Poag, the theater department’s coordinator at the time. It was later named The T.E. Poag Players Guild in 1971. The idea of bringing the organization back after approximately 4 years of absence was brought up by Dr. Lawrence James and two of his senior theater students: Kala Ross and ShaRicka Brown. Both Kala and ShaRicka were originally looking to start a new organization on campus, but after learning of the existence of this previous organization the two decided to reform the T.E. Poag Players Guild to create a new legacy for the organization on campus. The organization’s new mission is to provide a professional challenge for the students of TSU and to prepare them to profit off of their skills in acting and drama. Both Kala and ShaRicka want to create a solid foundation for future students in TSU’s theater department. However, the organization is not only for theater majors as it is open to all majors on TSU’s campus. Kala Ross, President, and ShaRicka Brown, Vice President, both want to leave an amazing legacy behind after they graduate this spring. After all, there is a definite need for the arts, which is why the T.E. Poag Players Guild will be recruiting and encouraging students to get involved in the upcoming years.

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