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No More Mildew in the Student Center

No More Mildew in the Student Center
By Alexis Clark
Staff Writer
As we all know, the game room, as well as other offices in the basement of the student center, have been closed because the ceilings were affected by mildew. Unfortunately, the recreation area will not be open until next semester. However, the game room is undergoing improvements for when it does open for the spring semester. According to Mr. Keith Morgan, who is the director of the campus center and recreation, there will be more space available for the students who would like to play pool, the bowling alley will finally be up and running, and there will be a new Wi-Fi lounge. “If we do our project and get the space available in the next couple of weeks, we will be moving the card tables to 040,” says Morgan. Additionally, the entire area, including the restrooms, is receiving new pipes as well as new paint. Morgan also stated that he spoke with the contractors and the current hold up is installing a new air conditioning unit that can fit within the ceiling. Once the project is complete the game room will be reopened to students, and the improvements are sure to be worth the wait!

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