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Last Presidential Debate Before November 8th

Last Presidential Debate Before November 8th
By Khandi Wilson
It is nearing the end before it is time for the nation to vote on who is going to be the next President of the United States.
During their performance, it was noticeable that Donald Trump had made traditional debate preparations which helped how he answered the moderator, Chris Wallace’s, various questions that America felt needed to be answered before November 8th. Nevertheless, Clinton still seemed poised and ready for a hard fight against her opposition.
Though this debate was deemed one of the best debates, neither party nominee seemed to have made a serious attempt at gaining more voters, but instead attempted to further rally their base – even though both candidates could use the extra supporters.
The topics that Chris Wallace chose to cover were Foreign Hotspots, fitness to serve as President, Supreme Court, Abortion, Immigration, Economy, the Clinton Foundation, Rigged Elections, National Debt, and Debt and Entitlements. Though Trump did not fidget or interrupt Clinton as much in this debate, many believe that Clinton was still able to out-perform him regarding numerous topics, including abortion, the economy, and rigged elections.
One reason may be that Clinton could focus more on these issues, while Donald Trump had to combat the recent allegations of the nine women who have said they were sexual groped by the Republican nominee. In the opening of the debate, Trump was on the offensive by trying to focus on Clinton’s downfalls. However, she was able to draw attention away from these topics by focusing on Trump’s lack of experience and his financial woes involving his company.
This debate was live streamed from various homes and campuses throughout the country and Tennessee State University was one of them. In the Forum on the night of the debate, the University had a watch-party that gave students the opportunity to learn more about their presidential candidates and the issues affecting our country. Unfortunately, throughout the ninety-minute debate, there were no more than ten people in that room. Many students say that this a result of lack of communication from the administration and agree that if the University is going to host an event of such importance, the student body should be made aware and urged to attend.

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