Tennessee State University

Homecoming 2016: Battle of the Dorms

On October 10th the Battle of the dorms took place in Kean Hall! The battle was hosted by J Dukes who came all the way from South Carolina to host. The judges Jordan Gather,┬áDe’Janel Henry, and Thomas Lavallais was there to judge which student ┬árepresented their dorm with the best performance. In between the competition, there were amazing performances by the dance troupes, “Find out” followed by ”

In between the competition, amazing performances by the dance troupes, “Find Out” followed by “Hipnotyze” wowed the audience. After the students completed their performances, the host announced the first, second, and third place winners.

In 3rd place, was Tyrell Jones representing Hall Hall with a dance tribute. In second place was Khadeja from Mary Wilson hall with a lyrical rap. And last but not least, the Winner, Brandon Lenox from Hale Hall performed a poet about black lives and police brutality.

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