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The Greek Yard Show on TSU Campus

The Greek Yard Show on TSU Campus
By Victoria Gourdin
Staff Writer
There’s something unifying about Tennessee State University’s entire student body coming together for an event. People show up representing their organizations, fraternities, and sororities. And people on campus show up to support their friends and watch the show. The Greek Yard Show was “…engaging, entertaining, and very exciting” according to a group of TSU students. Music blasted throughout the campus, alerting people who weren’t in the amphitheater of the festivities and people from all around the Nashville area came to enjoy the company of those on campus.
The Yard Show is somewhat akin to a family affair. Greek life on campus is a big deal for many people. For many fraternities and sororities, Greek and non-Greek, it is a special type of brother and sisterhood. They all share the same morals, values, and principles that make up their organization.
They enhance education and service experience through stressing the importance of the mind, body, and soul. The Yard Show was simply another way for the Greek organizations of Tennessee State University to show the rest of the campus the rules and regulations they live by. As the members of each organization got up to hop, stroll, and step, they showed the importance of their brother or sisterhood through each synchronized body movement. It was enriching to “…see the difference between the Kappas and the Ques or the AKAs and the Zetas,” according to India Jones, a sophomore who constantly enjoys the experience of life on campus. The Yard Show was another way for the campus to come together and enjoy the companionship of the entire school.

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