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Mildew Keeps Game Room and Offices Closed

Mildew Keeps Game Room and Offices Closed
By Alexis Clark
Staff Writer
The recreation and game room in the basement of the student center has not been open since the school year started on August 22. Over the summer, the game room and a few of the offices in the basement, including The Meter’s, were affected by mildew.
Mildew is a form of fungus that is closely related to mold. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, mildew is “usually a white substance that grows on the surface of things in wet, or warm conditions.”
Mildew does not usually cause death but it can cause illness. According to the global healing center, the fungus is not death related but fresh air is a very important component and without clean air, health hazards can be presented. If a person breathes in too much mold or mildew, it may cause respiratory problems depending on the toxicity of the mold.
Chief of Staff Peggy Earnest said the air conditioning system was turned off during the summer months and as a result the game room and a few of the other offices were moist. Because of the moisture, mildew spread throughout the ceilings. Students have been curious and concerned about when the game room and The Meter office were going to reopen.
Earnest said she spoke with a supervisor from a cleaning company and was told the ceiling tiles will be replaced. The rooms will be cleaned out before reopening to assure that the mildew is gone and will not reappear. “The goal is to have the game room and other offices reopened” before the end of the month,” Earnest said.

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