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TSU Nashville Alumni Chapter Awards $9,000 in Scholarships

TSU Nashville Alumni Chapter Awards $9,000 in Scholarships

By Leona Dunn

News Editor

On Tuesday, August 23rd Tennessee State Universities Nashville Alumni Chapter celebrated five students that they recruited from Nashville’s metropolitan area and awarded each with a $1,000 scholarship. T’yana Jackson, Tiara Morton, Burunde Buggs, Raven Edmundson, and Khalil Jones along with their families were honored, along with a small workshop on how to stay ahead of the curve at our prestigious university.

“We are excited that we had the opportunity to invest in your education and we will hope that you take it as seriously as we do.” Mrs. Taylor, said.

Audrey Stradford, a TSU Alumni known for actively assisting students with their financial problems, who’s office is located in the one stop shop, was asked to come and share some advice with these hand-picked scholars. She shared tips on how the students could avoid being purged throughout the school year, gave handouts and shared her experiences to help encourage the students along their journey through college.

“Do everything on time or early, make sure you have copies of everything- that way people can’t tell you that they didn’t receive it or that you didn’t complete what was asked of you. We have academic works scholarships, departmental scholarships, organizational scholarships and some external options too,” Stradford said, “When I graduated from this university 50 years ago, I didn’t know that the people sitting next to me would become the man that created a heart defibrillator that saved thousands of lives or Olympic champions, they weren’t any of that yet, they were just my friends, so remember who you meet here because you never know who they or even who you will become.”

The program progressed quickly, with musical selections from Marcus Reaves, a senior music major in Tennessee State University’s Aristocrat of Bands, playing the saxophone, concluded by a catered meal to end the meeting. Yet, before the food was served, the scholars got the opportunity to come up one-by-one to share their goals and thank the chapter for their generosity.

“I am a business administration major and hope to create a mentoring program that helps influence young men like myself to succeed and plan to go to college, “ Jones, a scholarship recipient said.
Camilla Clayton, a previous scholarship recipient, came back to share some advice with the new students sharing three points on how to be successful at the university; stay on your academics, get involved, and most importantly, love your School. Even though she was talking to the five scholarship recipients, another student got blessed with the Nashville Alumni’s Chapters generosity and Camillia’s message. In that meeting alone, the chapter rose $4,000 in order to help incoming freshman music major, Ayanna Anders remain in school.

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