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Freshmen Boot Camp Recap

Freshmen Boot Camp Recap

Leona Dunn

News Editor

Tuesday August 16th over 200 returning students gathered in Kean hall to receive instructions on the time and dorm that they would be assigned to help over 1,000 freshman move in the next day.

“It was exciting seeing everyone, starting the school year off with service and meeting students that are going to be in the same situation I was in last year, confused but excited. I just know it’s going to be hard work but fun,” says sophomore Kelita Browning.

Student Activities worked hard this year figuring out new routes and putting together a list of everyone’s time preferences along with t-shirt sizes that would help distinguish the workers from the students. Knowing that Wilson hall would be the hardest to conquer, they created a unique system of placing people strategically at points; in the parking lot to unload the cars and place new student belongings in carts, in the front of Wilson to unload carts or to wait until another one was available, then in the building to help unload dolleys and get the freshmen placed in their rooms.

“It was a lot of work, but Wilson is usually the most hectic every year due to it holding the most freshmen,” said the executive Vice President of SGA, Dexter Hooks.

The freshman were grateful for the help, and most of the students living on campus commented on the ease and success of their move.  “I’ve heard horror stories about Wilson with the lines, and the stairs, but it wasn’t that bad moving into Hale. It was a little difficult with the carts but we got in and out quickly,” Kiytta Freeman, an incoming freshmen said.

Yet Wilson was not as bad as everyone would have thought, regardless of the wait for the elevator. The Student Government Association, along with other student and faculty volunteers, can label this move in a success. They have used this day to think about strategic ways to move everyone in systematically, worked hard physically while carrying and lifting refrigerators and other things, and of course served our incoming student body by helping ease the stress and letting them know that they don’t have to go at it alone. Here at Tennessee State we embody our motto of “Think. Work. Serve.

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