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TSU’s Annnual Tiger Fest Brings About Unity

TSU’s Annnual Tiger Fest Brings About Unity
By Ada Taylor 
Meter Staff Writer
Tennessee State University’s annual Tiger Fest was “as hype as you’d expect it to be” laughed sophomore Kayla Smith. For those who don’t know, Tiger Fest could be described as a field day. The day typically includes a few hours of music, food, and games all on the president’s lawn for the students to enjoy. One of the activities that students tend to enjoy most is the mechanical bull, at least those who were not afraid to take it on.
 Junior Jaylen Jones says, “What’s a college get together without a couple of Greeks?”
TSU’s favorite Greek Orgs also did their part to make Tiger Fest memorable, joining in on a step show competition hosted by Cracker Barrel and The Rickey Smiley show. Out of the participants, it was the Ques who went home with the win.
But it isn’t the wins and losses that make Tiger Fest what it is. What makes Tiger Fest a day that everyone looks forward to is seeing the student body come together. It is a reminder that TSU is more than a campus, it is a community.

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