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TSU Yearbook Returns for Class of 2017

TSU Yearbook Returns for Class of 2017
By Ada Taylor 
Meter Staff Writer
Everyone wants to reminisce by viewing old family pictures albums, and the big blue family is no different. That is why when students voted for the candidates of SEC week this year, they also had the opportunity to vote on whether or not they were interested in having a yearbook return to TSU. When the results came in, it was obvious what the student body would like to see it happen. A staggering 82% of students said they wanted a yearbook. Well the administration has listened, and a yearbook is on its way.
If everything goes as planned, there should be a Tennessee State University yearbook in 2017. Seeing as though one has not been printed since 2009, students are excited to see it return.
“I think it will be good to have something that reminds us to look back and remember the experience of college,” says Junior Paris Booker, “because we learn as much from the people we experience it with as we do in a classroom.”
As of now there are not many details available, such as will the yearbook only feature individuals or will it have pictures of fraternities, sororities, and organizations as well. In fact, these decisions might be up to you. The production of a yearbook requires a yearbook staff and there are multiple jobs available. So not only will the next graduating class have a yearbook available, but students will have more opportunities than ever to get involved on campus. Be sure to contact the Department of Student Affairs if you are interested.

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