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Chief Robinson Emphasizes Student, Police Relationship

Chief Robinson Emphasizes Student, Police Relationship
By E. Freeman
NASHVILLE, TN (TSU News Service) — Tennessee State University’s new top cop says a good relationship between students and police will benefit campus security.
Police Chief Greg Robinson had a “meet-and-greet” at two TSU residence halls on April 20, about a month after taking the job. Deputy Police Chief Anthony Carter and several other members of the TSUPD accompanied the alumnus during his visit to Boyd Hall, where Robinson lived as a TSU student, and Wilson Hall.
In his closed meetings with residents, Robinson emphasized personal relationships between students and campus security, increased visibility, and for students to know that “we are here for you.”
“We want to break down all barriers and build relationships where you are comfortable to interact with us and know that your safety is our biggest concern,” said Robinson, who has over 30 years of experience in law enforcement. “You see things that we don’t see. We want to hear from you.”
He said he wanted to speak directly to the residents to let them know his vision for the university, faculty, staff, and “most importantly the students.”
“I attended this institution; I lived in Boyd Hall,” said Robinson.  “I want to let them (students) understand that all we are concerned about is serving this institution and to make it the safest environment.”
Carlos Marvins, a graduating senior in Mass Communications, lives in Boyd Hall and attended the meeting. He said he was impressed with Robinson and believes the university is in the “right direction about security.”
“He seems like he really cares about the students,” Marvins said. “He has a lot of ideas; he’s young, he’s energized and has a lot of experience. And the fact that he’s a former student makes it even better.”
Robinson plans to visit other residence halls on the campus.

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