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The Presidential Race to the White House

The Presidential Race to the White House
By Khandi Wilson
Meter Staff Writer
For a while now, the news organizations and various websites have been covering comments made by candidates who are risking it all as well as their money, to become the President of the United States. The race has been going on for some time, and it is starting to get down to the wire. The candidates that are left are Democrats Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders and Republicans Ted Cruz, John Kasich and Donald Trump. The Republican National Convention will be held in Cleveland, Ohio in July while the Democratic National Convention will be in August in Philadelphia.
In order to get the nomination from the Convention, each individual Democratic candidate needs 2,383 delegates: Clinton has 1,743 and Sanders has 1,056. For the Republican Convention, 1,237 delegates are required: Trump has 740, Cruz is at 514, and Kasich gathered 143.
At this point, there is an all-out fight for votes as the Convention draws near. Though Clinton is ahead, Sanders has recently been closing the gap with his wins in the western and caucus states, like Washington, Utah, and Alaska. Hillary has more delegates in her pocket, and considering there are only a few Democratic caucus states left, she has a strong possibility of being named the Party’s nominee in Philadelphia.
On the other side, the Republicans are continuing on in the race. As of late, Donald Trump’s recent comments have seemed to finally bite him back while Cruz is still trying to set himself apart as the better candidate. Kasich, who has a major gap behind the two leaders in his party is still in the race to win.
Like Sanders, Cruz also tends to do better in the caucus states than Trump. The upcoming states that are left are mostly primaries so time will tell to see who will step up their game to be a confident leader for the nomination in the summer.
(as of press time)
Clinton: 1743
Sanders: 1056
2383 needed for nomination
Trump: 740
Cruz: 514
Kasich: 143
1237 needed for nomination

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