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Next Steps for Miss and Mr. TSU

Next Steps for Miss and Mr. TSU
By Alexis Clark 
Meter Staff Writer
The clock is ticking; the days are winding down as the school year comes to an end. New candidates will be in office for the 2016-2017 school year with new ideas to make Tennessee State University better and more productive.
Delvakio Brown, the current Mr.TSU, recently talked about his expectations for the upcoming candidates, qualifications, and his future plans after passing the crown down in the royal court.
“They have to have confidence in their walk, and authority in their talk,” he said. “Mr. and Miss TSU should have that “HBCU voice,” Brown said. “Not only should the applicants want to be a leader, but it should be someone who is also friendly, approachable, and can reach out to the student body to inspire them,” he added.
He explained that being on the royal court was nothing but a learning experience: from putting together initiatives to programs for the student body. Even though he loves the positon in office, he believes that it is time to move on and go to the next step. A lot of opportunities have been granted, but now TSU has to be refreshed with something new. We all want our University to become a finer learning facility each and every year, he said.
Brown and Tyra Laster, Miss TSU, have left their mark at Tennessee State. They were both dedicated to their positions in office and throughout their journey they were known to be involved, and planned events to inspire students.
 Laster could not be reached for comment. But both she and Brown brought many offers to our campus to improve what we have. In just a few weeks, they will become alumni. The next step is to have two new members of the royal court to carry the pride of TSU.

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