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New Era Ushered in for SEC

New Era Ushered in for SEC
By Leona Dunn
Meter Staff Writer
Tennessee State University held its annual SEC week from April 3 to 8. It all began with the previewing of candidates Sunday evening, right before the annual AOB explosion. At this revealing, each candidate introduced themselves and their platforms.
“How do I balance academics and social activities? How do I take the initiative to be great? If you have been battling with these questions I have a solution just for you; How to get away with Success,” newly-elected Junior Vice President Jalexus Parker said, “my platform is to be self-efficient, persistent, inspire, and to be zealous so that operation how to get away with success will be put into full effect.”
 The annual debate occurred April 4, an event that allows students to hear the candidates views on controversial issues on and off campus that directly affect the students and understand not only their platforms but their initiatives to start making TSU live up to its legacy.
“I am so ready for the debate tonight because these elections are not just to see to who has the best food but to see who has the best ideas, and who is actually going to make the change we need to see and continue to be visible after SEC week,” sophomore Tierney Curtis said.
Although there are over 40 positions available on the Student Government Association’s Board, there were less than 30 people running for office.
“The popular categories tend to be president, vice president, Mr. and Miss of all classes and of course representatives at large, but without the secretaries, the treasurers, and the class officers the system doesn’t work,” Jamel Hodges, student activities director, said. “Because now you have presidents and vice presidents trying to handle the money, trying to handle the students, and trying to keep up with everything happening at the meetings and that is not their job.”
“When I relinquish the position next year, I hope to see six men up here running for Mister TSU. Hopefully next year I can be an inspiration, because if JG can stop the partying so much and wear a suit, not every day but at least three times a week, then so can anyone else,” says Jordan Gaither, the newly elected Mr. TSU.
Everyone’s favorite event, the Rally, was held in Gentry on Tuesday. This is where candidates feed both faculty and students by setting up tables to create a unified networking opportunity. This was followed by the pageant on Wednesday where candidates got to showcase their talents before the big vote begins.
“You can have the whole school with you and wanting you to lead, but it doesn’t matter how the majority feels if they don’t go online and vote,” said junior Davis Walker.
On Thursday the campaigning was off the campus and on to the internet as social media got flooded with “go and vote” advertisements where teams were still trying to influence voters.
Although only 20% of the student body voted, this is one of the highest ranking years TSU has seen as far as voter turn out. It’s no secret that every vote counts, especially since one candidate won by only eight votes.
 The new Student Government Association leaders are Alicia Jones as Miss TSU, Jordan Gaither as Mister TSU, Aarian Forman as SGA President and Dexter Hooks as SGA vice president. With such dedicated students in the top four positions partnering with the other elected student leaders, it seems as if the 76th administration will be making a real difference at TSU.

A Senior Mass Communications student with a concentration in Marketing, Editor-in-Chief Shayla Simmons is a native Marylander. Self-identifies her editorial writing to be her strongsuit with topics ranging from politics to social issues to pop culture commentary.

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