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TSU Student Takes On Princeton University

TSU Student Takes On Princeton University

Delvakio Brown

Meter Staff Writer

Every Tuesday and Thursday morning while most students with 8 o’clock classes are getting ready to head to class, Romin Geiger prepares himself for a long day full of data, and pulls out his blue bike and begins peddling towards Vanderbilt University. If you’re on Jefferson Street headed to work, school, or simply out to handle business during the early morning, you might see this young man moving swiftly with his neon green wheels.  The reason for his travel is because he engages in intense neuroscience research.  At 9 a.m. Geiger begins studying visual working memory and long term memory while performing tasks. His research is made possible because of a joint neuroscience program with Tennessee State University and Vanderbilt University geared towards providing minority students with the resources to obtain a PhD in neuroscience.  

Because of his involvement in the TSU-NERVE program, Geiger, a junior psychology major, is set to begin research at Princeton University this summer.  Along with three other Tennessee State University students, an academic adventure of a lifetime awaits.  Princeton researchers found out that the four students were highly interested in doing research and through a skype conference call they were told on the spot that they were welcomed to Princeton’s campus.  

Since the age of 17, Geiger has been amazed by the idea of research. His motivation comes from being able to gain knowledge of how he can enhance the psychological wellbeing of humans.  

“Having the experience to do what professional individuals in my field of psychology do,  intrigues me because I’m able to gain knowledge on what I will exactly be doing in the future with my own research,” stated Geiger.

The research opportunity is funded through the National Institute of Health, which is a program that provides resources to minorities because of the lack of diversity in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) field majors.  His current research seeks to show how humans interplay between visual working memory and long term memory based on their top-downing processing, in other words processing the world to their brains.  

   The Princeton University research program will give each student specific research experience in their field of interest.  Geiger has the dream of becoming a child psychologist and will be able to network with people from all across the nation.   After the program, each student will have the chance to represent Tennessee State University in San Diego, California in showcasing their research.  The early morning bike rides to Vanderbilt will not happen in vain as Geiger plans to one day help change and enhance health of the human brain for people all over the world.  

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