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The Kickoff to Sexual Assault Awareness Month

The Kickoff to Sexual Assault Awareness Month

By Xeñea Ford

Meter Contributor

The Sexual Assault Center in Nashville will host the Clothesline Project on the second floor of the Floyd Payne Student Center from April 1 to 8. The annual project kicks off Sexual Assault Awareness Month on the campus.

This exhibition will feature a collection of t-shirts, created and designed by clients of the Sexual Assault Center. The shirts are created by clients of all ages, gender and ethnicities as a way to help them express and release their emotional distress.

The Clothesline Project was originally started by Rape Crisis Centers in the 1990’s as a testimony against violence, but is now a nationwide campaign that serves as a visual documentation of the violence experienced by survivors of sexual assault.

The Sexual Assault Center welcomes the TSU community and the entire student body to join the movement and participate in this interactive project.

University involvement in The Clothesline Project will help the SAC continue to work towards its mission to provide healing for children, adults and families affected by sexual assault and to end sexual violence through counseling, education, advocacy and crisis support.

The display will kick-start the first of three of the SAC’s campaigns to promote the awareness of sexual assault on the TSU campus. Students are encouraged to get involved with the clothesline project and watch for other activities. More information can be found on the Sexual Assault Center’s website, Students can also follow the center on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and Pinterest pages for updates and other ways to get involved with sexual assault awareness.

More information can also be obtained by contacting SAC  Prevention Specialist Sharon L. Travis at if there are other questions about The Clothesline Project. 

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