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Starbucks Now Open on TSU Campus

Starbucks Now Open on TSU Campus

By Leona Dunn

Meter Staff Writer

When is this Starbucks going to open? That’s what multiple students around campus have been asking all year round, and finally, March 8, 2016, the day had finally arrived.

“I went there for the first time today and I think the set-up is beautiful it actually reminds me of a real Starbucks, the service is friendly and even though there was a bit of a wait, the drinks were good so it was worth it,” freshman Brandi Becoats said.

She was one of many students awaiting the grand opening, and  not the only one wondering what’s going to be the next big thing done for Tennessee State University’s campus. Rumors have surfaced about the renovation of all dormitories, and have been confirmed by President Glenda Glover at the first town hall meeting held this semester.

“We plan to knock down Wilson, Boyd, and Eppse and build apartment complexes eventually, “ Glover said, “but that will be way, way in the future probably not during our time.”

Tennessee State University tries to keep something for the students to look forward to yearly with their master plan fully updated on the TSU website.

So right now the students have the new Starbucks to occupy their need of something new to do on campus. Grab a friend and get there early because if there is anything Tennessee State University is notorious for, it is their long lines, and Starbucks is proudly continuing that tradition.

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