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Sexual Assault Precautions at TSU

Sexual Assault Precautions at TSU

Shayla Simmons

Meter Staff Writer

With sexual assault allegations sweeping through the universities of Tennessee, students, parents, faculty and campus police are all on high alert. With statistics stating that one in five college students experiencing sexual assault during their collegiate career, it comes with good reason.

The most recent of these allegations come out of the University of Tennessee with their sports program under fire for their lack of intervention when a student-athlete is the suspect. During the height of the lawsuit, six unnamed victims stepped forward against the University of Tennessee. The story gained even more attention once NFL star Peyton Manning was also cited in previous rape allegations.

With the seriousness of these allegations one would expect the rate of reported incidents to be higher. But it is estimated that 95% of all incidents go unreported. So the question remains, how to decrease and ultimately end this tragic epidemic.

Tennessee State University has taken measures to prevent such tragedies occurring on our campus. One of these measures was to implement a requirement for all new students (as of Fall 2015 and henceforth) to undergo virtual training with “Haven- Understanding Sexual Assault”. The program takes students through several scenarios, defining multiple terms that fall under the blanket of sexual assault, prevention tips as well as providing useful outlets to those seeking help.

Other preventative measures taken on by TSU also include the installation of phones that directly connect students to the campus police department, as well as an increased police presence at all hours.

With these steps taken, TSU hopes to avoid tragedy like that of which struck University of Tennessee.

For more information, visit the Office of Equity and Inclusion on campus or visit their website at

And if you or someone you know has been sexually assaulted you are encouraged to either call TSUPD at 615-963-5171 or the Office of Equity & Inclusion at 615-963-7435. 

A Senior Mass Communications student with a concentration in Marketing, Editor-in-Chief Shayla Simmons is a native Marylander. Self-identifies her editorial writing to be her strongsuit with topics ranging from politics to social issues to pop culture commentary.

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