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A Touch Of Confidence Through Beauty

A Touch Of Confidence Through Beauty

By Delvakio Brown

Meter Staff Writer

While in college it’s hard to keep up with the day to day maintenance of hair and makeup.  With late night studying, completion of homework assignments and everyday tasks college ladies try to get every second of sleep they can and waking up early to make sure their makeup done adds more on their plate to do.  Through the hands of time, Teeuni Knatalya Niccolett Bonds, a sophomore education major, from Memphis, Tennessee, has taken on the task of making sure ladies look beautiful and feel confident in their look while walking the campus of Tennessee State University.  Rather it’s photoshoots, interviews, talent shows, or performances, Bonds enjoy getting ladies ready for special moments.  

When the New Direction Gospel Choir competed in the Joyful Noise competition in Huntsville, Alabama, choir members were able to perform in front of a crowd and judges that consisted of people from across the country.  Some of those young ladies sat in a chair and put their faces in Bonds hands to make sure that they looked perfect for the momentous occasion.  

Bonds has worked behind the scenes of photo shoots, and promotions videos including the Curves Of Perfection: The Life Of A Plus Size TSU Woman launching later this semester and the Love You Like A Sister Inc., LYLAS, talent show.  One of the ladies apart of the project, Brielle Patrick, depends on Bonds for help because she does it just right.  

“I love the way that she mixes glam with natural,” stated Patrick.  

Being the Vice President of Uplift College Ministry, working a job making sandwiches, and going to school full time keeps Bonds busy, but still she strives to encourage and empower young ladies through sit down talks while she does their makeup.  She feels that this is the perfect way to give back.  

“I want ladies to feel confident in themselves, and how they look when I provide makeup jobs for them,” stated Bond.  

Some are trying out makeup for the first time because of her.  

Kemissa Polynice says, “I usually don’t wear makeup but I love when Knatalya does it.”  

One day this cheerful motivator plans on opening up a beauty salon hiring other makeup artist to beauty the world.  You can look at what Bonds is up to with makeup by following her beauty page @beatbyknatalya

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