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President Glover Addresses 10-Point Plan

President Glover Addresses 10-Point Plan

By Shayla Simmons

From last semester’s unsightly stint in the media to the state of the campus now, it is evident that a great change has taken place on the campus of Tennessee State University. The media has noticed this change once again, this time to bring awareness of these changes to the public.

On February 11, Channel 2 featured Tennessee State to review the state of the campus after the presentation and implementation of the 10-Point safety plan. President Glenda Glover was also interviewed to gain insight into her opinion on the shooting and how the school has changed since changes have been made. The interview was overall positive in its critique and highlighted the fact that TSU was once again a safe haven for its students.

After the feature story aired students began to voice their opinions on the state of their campus. While the commentary was mixed in its review, students generally agreed that the campus was much safer in comparison to the previous semester and years past.

“I can definitely see a difference on the campus since the introduction of the plan. It’s much harder for students to enter into buildings or even the campus itself and even walk on the campus without having to show your ID. I think President Glover is doing what she thinks is best,” says junior, Xeñea Ford. John Bradford, another junior, had this to say when asked his opinion, “Since the gates have been put up I do feel a sense of security and we’re being asked to show our IDs more often. But it also gives off the vibe of being caged in sometimes.”

Which leads to the widespread issue among the student body: violation of privacy. “Yes, I do feel safer on campus but the cost was my privacy. It makes me wonder which is the better deal,” says a student who wished to remain anonymous.

Though the opinions of students vary, the general consensus is that the state of the campus has greatly improved. Students and faculty alike hope that this trend of improvement continues into the foreseeable future to ensure the best campus for current students of Tennessee State and those to come.

A Senior Mass Communications student with a concentration in Marketing, Editor-in-Chief Shayla Simmons is a native Marylander. Self-identifies her editorial writing to be her strongsuit with topics ranging from politics to social issues to pop culture commentary.

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  • How does the 10 point plan effect alumni that visit the campus especially during homecoming week and other activities. How do they enter n move about the campus since they don’t have ID’s as students?

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