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Luntz Educates Staff on Shooting Effective Video

Luntz Educates Staff on Shooting Effective Video

With the world and technology steadily evolving, so does the way we tell stories. Jason Luntz, a social media strategist who helps organizations build a presence using social and multimedia and a professor  at TSU, gave “The Meter” a visit to teach us how to shoot effective video from our cell phones.

“Have you noticed that videos uploaded directly to Facebook go viral more quickly? People are less likely to click links,” says Jason Luntz.

The first tip to shooting great video is to shoot it horizontally. If you shoot vertically then you will be greeted by two black bars on the sides of your video because that is how the platform fills in the space. The other problem with shooting vertically is that you leave out a lot of action, and it is more difficult to follow the action.

Second, keep the video short.

“Answer this question, would you watch a video that is over three minutes long?” asked Luntz.

Also, try to grab the viewers’ attention right away. If people are not willing to watch a three minute long video then they definitely will not wait for the video to get interesting.

Finally, use your arms and the palm of your hands to keep your camera steady. One trick that professionals use is to bring the elbows in as close as possible to remove shakiness. Or try holding the camera between your palms.

Out of all the tips, shooting horizontally is the most important. It is easier to edit with especially if you are using video from another camera. Look forward to seeing these tips in practice on our website and app.

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