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10 Tips to a Safe and Enjoyable Spring Break

10 Tips to a Safe and Enjoyable Spring Break

By Shayla Simmons

Slowly but surely the clock is winding down to Spring Break for us students. Study groups form in preparation for midterms. Travel arrangements are discussed between friends. The excitement of the memories to be made can be felt all across the campus. Where’s best place to go? What’s the best deal? When are we finally leaving?

Yet unfortunately among these conversations one rarely overhear tips on how to properly plan and execute a safe spring break trip. To help in this planning process here are ten quick tips brought to you by the Center of Disease Control.

  1. Limit your alcohol intake- if you’re of legal drinking age within your destination, be mindful of the effects of alcohol.
  2. Be active- utilize your spring break to make up for lack of activity during the school year.
  3. Plan a successful trip- prepare all vaccines, documents and any other necessities before departing.
  4. Protect yourself- get tested before leaving and be sure to pack protection whether you plan to engage in sexual behavior or not.
  5. Watch your step- take extra precaution if engaging in high-risk activities such as extreme sports.
  6. Protect your eyes- do not skimp on proper contact lens maintenance if you wear any.
  7. Know the ropes- when swimming do not go outside of your personal limits.
  8. Protect yourself from the sun- use sunscreen for prolonged exposure to the sun’s harsh rays.
  9. Eat healthy- take the time to eat a well-balanced meal for energy to enjoy your trip.
  10. Be smoke free- do not engage in activities that can have long term effects on your health for a cheap thrill and avoid secondhand smoke if possible.

With these tips you can ensure that you will have a great spring break!

A Senior Mass Communications student with a concentration in Marketing, Editor-in-Chief Shayla Simmons is a native Marylander. Self-identifies her editorial writing to be her strongsuit with topics ranging from politics to social issues to pop culture commentary.

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