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Valentine’s Day on a College Student’s Budget

Valentine’s Day on a College Student’s Budget

Looking to make Valentine’s Day special, but don’t have enough fund? Here are some inexpensive date ideas for college students on a budget.

Picnic on Love Circle – Love Circle, located in Hillsboro West End, provides a great lookout over the city and a romantic feel for the two of you. Add a few sandwiches and drinks, and you’re all set!

Go out for Dessert – If you have a sweet tooth, opt out of spending a lot of money on a main course, and go straight for the dessert. Many restaurants offer dessert for an inexpensive price. This way, you can still go out, but not have to spend as much money.

Explore downtown Nashville – It’s free to walk along Broadway and other close streets, and still be very entertained. You never know what you might see.

Stay in and watch a movie – The point of Valentine’s Day is to spend time with the one you love; it shouldn’t matter where or how. So just enjoy the quality time by just getting a movie from Redbox or Netflix.

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