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Higher Education Commission Initiates Harold Love Award

Higher Education Commission Initiates Harold Love Award

By Martavious Morton

The Higher Education Commission in the State of Tennessee has begun preparations to initiate the 2016 Harold Love Outstanding Community Service Award programs. It includes two programs that recognize outstanding community service performed at the campus level by students and faculty/staff.

Five students and five faculty or staff members will be selected to receive the $1,000 award. However, in order to receive this prestigious award you must meet the qualifications of proper involvement in the community.

  • Nominees must have demonstrated public service to the community as defined by the respective institution’s role and mission, as well as service to the institution itself.
  • An evaluation of the nominee’s effectiveness shall be judged by his/her impact on individuals, groups, or organizations served.
  • Each nomination should be accompanied by a complete and careful documentation of the candidate’s public service contribution.
  • Lastly, a letter of nomination from the President/Chancellor of the institution should be forwarded with the material.

Nominations must be received by the committee no later than Thursday, March 10, in order to allow sufficient time for review. The deadline cannot be extended due to the volume of nominations received. The recipients will be selected on April 4. For more information call or write:

Ms. Lovella Sigler

Community Involvement Awards

TN Higher Education Commission

404 James Robertson Pkwy, Ste 1900

Nashville TN 37243-0830

615/741-7562 Phone

615/741-6230 Fax

If you feel that you are a good nominee or know of a student, faculty, or staff member who is involved in community service, submit a nomination.

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