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A Healthier Ford is Here

A Healthier Ford is Here

By Keimonee Burford

Meter Staff Writer

Ford Apartment Complex has started a program called Healthy Ford to help students better their heath by eating healthy and working out. Being healthy is something that has become a huge epidemic in our country. With the high rates of obesity and diabetes, feel that we cannot just sit back and let this problem continue.

The Healthy Ford program has many components including workout room and healthy food choices. The workout area, located in the Ford Directory Building, is equipped with; treadmills, bikes, elliptical machines, and a few other things to ensure a great work out. Different healthy recipes throughout the room provide a guideline and idea on better eating habits. While working out, occasional food sampling of different recipes will occur. Health workshops, fitness workouts and healthy food demonstrations will be coming soon. Make sure to always be on the lookout because you will never know when something yummy and free could be coming your way.

Beyond the workout and the food, the program uses five TSU students to serve as public health interns. The interns and their team leader, Carl Darnell, residence director of Ford Apartments, goal is assist in the development of a healthy lifestyle.

For more information about exercises, nutrition or health related concerns, or even if you want to be involved, please email

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