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Obesity Among African American College Students

Obesity Among African American College Students

By Martavious Morton

Are you dealing with the freshman 15 weight gain? Well you’re not alone. Most African American students and various HBCUs across the country all have the same problem. Obesity among college students at HBCUs has increased in the last ten years. Most people believe it is just a hereditary trait that is passed through family genes.  However, so are some of the problems that come along with it.

Obesity can lead to major health problems such as type 2 diabetes and hypertension. This problem affects females more than males because a female’s body gains and holds more fat than a male’s body would.

One can become overweight one day and the next that person could develop diabetes. This is a very serious matter among minority students. Many lack the will to work out or take up a healthy diet to combat obesity, so it is a problem that will continue to haunt the African American community. However, by encouraging a newer and healthier lifestyle, students can help fight the increasing number of overweight students.

With this new year of 2016, the African American student body, not only at TSU, but at many other universities can work together and encourage others to get active, burn off that freshman weight, work out, get involved and fight obesity! It can be done!

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