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Criminal Justice Students Go to Trial

Criminal Justice Students Go to Trial

By Martavious Morton and Victoria Myles

The criminal justice department at Tennessee State University goes further and beyond than what the student body can see.  Many criminal justice students chose this major to make a difference. In our society today, the difference may be hard to envision for some. But for those who major in criminal justice the vision is absolutely clear.

On December 4, the students in the criminal justice department along with Professor Robert Smith conducted a mock trial of a real life scenario that happened in 2004. The professor didn’t contribute to any research during the trial. He allowed the students acting as the defense team to gather their own information, as well as the plaintiffs, bringing the case before the student body.

The mock trial was conducted as a real court order trial. There was real evidence as well as actual testimonies. The students maintained to keep the trial as real and professional as possible.

One student involved in the mock trial stated, “Mock trials like this allow us to not only know the book of business but helps us to be able to perform in our field of study using real life situations.”

The students even had to provide the facts that would prove each side either guilty or innocent. The professor only intervened as the judge once he saw students getting carried away much like a judge would react in an actual court room. Fellow students also posed as the jury in the trial giving the final decision on the case. The criminal justice department holds this mock trial every semester.

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