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SGA Plans for Next Semester

SGA Plans for Next Semester

By Ada Taylor
Meter Staff Writer

A lot has happened this semester, from Dej Loaf and Future shutting down the homecoming concert, to losing one of our own to a senseless act of violence. Although we have had good times and bad times, the bad times have been unacceptable. That is why the Student Government Association is working harder than ever before to implement some changes. The 2015-2016 school year has not ended yet, and the SGA have a lot of things planned for the upcoming spring semester.

SGA president RaCia Poston says first and foremost they are working on putting together a follow-up town hall meeting. Although they want to give the administration an adequate amount of time to enact some of the things that have been put in motion, she says “it is important to gauge where we are at.” This is why SGA will also be having Walk Through Wednesdays, where they will be going to a different dorm each week in order to hear the concerns of students.

However, some of these concerns are already being addressed, such as hiring more night desk attendants in order to extend the hours of both the laundry rooms and computer labs.

The goal, of course, is to improve student life. This mission encompasses every aspect of life on campus, including having more programs for students to get involved in. Although the administration is still solidifying an official event calendar, there are some things that are already in the works. For one, after seeing how much students enjoyed the Homecoming concert, SUBG thought it would be only right to put together a Spring concert as well, so keep your eyes open for that!

Furthermore, Tiger Cinemas will continue to take place every 3 weeks, which are movies that will be shown in either Humanities or on the lawn of the indoor football facility.

However, this doesn’t mean that cultivating academic excellence is any less of a priority. Brett Jackson, the Executive Vice President, says one thing that will continue in 2016 is Tailored Tuesdays, a program that exists to tailor the mind as well as the image of the students. According to Brett, this means “cutting out any negative thoughts, distractions and habits in order to better prepare students for life after college.” In the spirit of this, Delvakio Brown, our current Mr.TSU, will be spearheading a male conference in April.

“Not only will this be a place where students can come to be empowered by black men” says Brown, “but they will also be able to learn professional etiquette while making connections with people who are already in the field.”

Still, none of these things happen to be the most exciting thing taking place in 2016. Students will be happy to hear that the SGA is currently working on revamping the Student Center. Since it will now be open until 12am, the administration thought it should be more student friendly. This includes, but is not limited to, more representation of the different organizations on campus, new furniture, as well as additions to the game room.

As we all know Spring is the season of new life, and this Spring new life is definitely being breathed into Tennessee State University!

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