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Restaurant Review: Good Eating Experience at Monell’s

Restaurant Review: Good Eating Experience at Monell’s

INDEX MonellsBy Martavious Morton

“I’ll just have whatever you have for today’s special.”

Those are my first words as I sat at my table getting ready to eat at Monell’s Dining and Catering, an amazing cafe on 6th Avenue in Nashville. Monell’s is a family-style restaurant that serves many foods that favor the southern tradition. The best part about eating here is the atmosphere that it creates. You can go inside and it feels as if you are in whole different time period in the south.

“It’s definitely a different experience than your normal restaurant here in Nashville’” said James, a fellow customer who did not give his last name.

The staff treats the customers with the utmost respect from the time they arrive until the time they leave. During my visit at Monell’s, I just decided to eat the smothered pork chops, some green beans, mac and cheese and some cornbread. It was definitely worth the trip.

The food is so rich in flavor and that cornbread is to die for. The setting around also helped to make eating at Cafe Monell’s a unique experience. They ask if you would like to sit family style or traditional style. I’d recommend family style that way you can make some friends and enjoy a great meal in the process.

Thanksgiving is coming up and for those who cannot make that trip home for the holiday, you should definitely check out Monell’s. You will not be disappointed!

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