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LETTER TO EDITOR: Making Holiday Choices

LETTER TO EDITOR: Making Holiday Choices

To the Editor:

This whole notion of “Choices” has been on my mind for a while. Each day I notice something new about myself. In the past week, I’ve notice that I’ve had a lot of choices to make and it’s up to me to make them. Choices hold a lot of responsibility in just the word, but why am I just making some of the choices about my life now.

The holidays are quickly approaching. But what does the holidays really mean? It is so important that as the holidays approach, we understand what we are actually celebrating. As a young child, I was told stories about the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, but never about holidays that my family didn’t already celebrate. Those families who celebrate Hanukkah and Kwanzaa may experience the same notion as I did as a child. But ultimately, my question is why? Why don’t we celebrate other holidays that are not always a tradition? As students or young adults, do we have a choice as of what holidays to celebrate? Is it built into us as a learned behavior? I asked myself those questions, and realized that I do have a choice, but I don’t make the choice. Confusing right?

I have the choice on what to celebrate, but if I celebrate something different, it’s a possibility that I would be celebrating alone. That’s why I haven’t made the choice. As I grow older, decision making should become easier. So why does this topic feels like a do or die choice to make? We must ask ourselves, would I rather branch off and learn something or do something new? Or would I rather go alone with others? If you learn the history of Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and/or Kwanzaa, you should be able to decide on what you feel is best for you. As parents, you should give your children the choice to choose what they would like to celebrate. Don’t you, as young adults, feel that you would want to make that decision?

So as the day goes on, ask yourself about the holidays you celebrate? Why do you celebrate? Have you looked into other holidays? Are you afraid to make a different decision? You are in control, but you must first take the CHOICE to be in control.

Victoria J. Myles
President of Women of Infinite Potential Miss Big N Beautiful 2015-2016



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