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New School Year, New Opportunities for TSU Students

New School Year, New Opportunities for TSU Students


AshleyParmer-Editor in ChiefBy Ashley Parmer
Editor in Chief

The parking spaces are full; the cafeteria is packed. Fall semester is in full swing at Tennessee State University. The freshmen are eager; the sophomores are no longer the newbies; the juniors are ready for fun; and the seniors are just trying to graduate. As ii does every year, the cycle continues. So let the new school year begin!

Each school year, we try to be better than we were the year before. We set goals to lose weight or not eat as much. We intend to make better grades, and attend all of our classes. It’s our new school year resolution. But like most resolutions, we start strong and trail off a month later.

We get so into the routine of class, papers, and parties that we forget the goals we set. This year, I challenge us all to make goals for this semester and stick to them. I’ve read that it only takes 21 days to create a habit. So let’s make a habit for greatness this year.

One way we can stick to our goal is by writing them down. Writing things down often helps us remember them. This is a good tool you can use for studying as well.

Another way is by creating a vision board. The board allows us to visualize the life we intend to have by setting those goals.

Discuss your goals with friends. It’s easier to stick with goals when you are not in it alone.

To start off this resolution challenge, I will set a goal to not fill my schedule with too many activities that in return creates stress in my life.

So as we sing “Auld Lang Syne” to old school year and begin a new school year, remember your goals and the success they can provide. May your goals last longer than your declining balance (DB). Welcome back!

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