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Updated Student Handbook Available

Updated Student Handbook Available

5 Handbook photoStory/Photo by Leona Dunn
Meter Staff Writer

The new Tennessee State University Handbook, with a focus on helping to enforce new rules and regulations recently adopted, has been distributed to the students and staff. The new book also makes sure students understand the new updated information in the different departments around campus.

“The handbook every year is a massive undertaking; we try to send it out and get all the departments input so that it is as current as possible with everyone’s latest policies. It usually takes six to eight months for updates and is a very lengthy process,” assistant Vice President for Student Affairs, Dr. Cheryl Green said.

The cover this year had the 75th Administration of the Student Government Association leaders of the house division, which has never been included in the previous handbooks.

“We wanted to emphasize that this was a student handbook so we tried to incorporate student images in the book. We put the school student leaders on the front to show what it’s like coming in and metaphorically opening up the book. Then on the back of the cover there is a picture of graduation showing the ending of the book emphasizing the students leaving and accomplishing their goal, which is to graduate,” Green said.

The printed version was distributed to all residence halls and offices where students generally came so that anyone can access one for free. There were fewer handbooks printed because there is an online version available.

“Cutting down the number of books printed saved money and trees since we are aware as a university that printing more than a couple thousand copies would result in just random handbooks sitting around not being read or used,” Green said, “but we do hope they are used because handbooks are always equipped with planners in the back to help students with time management which is critical to being successful as a student.”

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