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AshleyParmer-Editor in ChiefBy Ashley Parmer
Editor in Chief

On April 21, 1950, The Meter was born. During a time when injustice was served constantly to African Americans, The Meter was a platform to make voices heard.

Sam Yette started TSU’s student newspaper The Meter in 1950
Sam Yette started TSU’s student newspaper The Meter in 1950

During the sit-ins of 1960, students from Tennessee State University and surrounding Historically Black Colleges and Universities in Nashville took a stand against segregation. The Meter was there.

And it seems that while the trials of injustice for African Americans continue on in 2015, The Meter is still here.

Over the years, The Meter has faced its own trials. The problems Samuel Yette had in birthing The Meter still occur today. President Walter S. Davis asked Yette, “Why do you want a newspaper?”

Yette replied, “To report the campus highlights, sir.”

And to that President Davis asked, “But what are you going to do about the lowlights?”

“Well sir,” he told him, “we’ll just have to report those, too.”

It is to no surprise that Tennessee State University has suffered lowlights throughout history. But what college doesn’t?

It is during these times, when The Meter is there.

When TSU celebrates its victories and highlight its accomplishments, The Meter is there too.

Our mission “is to accurately and responsibly report the ‘highlights and lowlights ‘of Tennessee State University and its community. “ In following in the footsteps of Samuel Yette, I can say that we have done just that.

The Meter is the measure of student opinion and sentiment. It is by this measure we will continue to amount to our potential. For 65 years, we have sought adversity, expressed our views, and gave a voice to the students of Tennessee State University. And in the coming years, The Meter will continue to be there.

Happy 65th Anniversary!


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